What is the temperament of the Australian Labradoodle?

The Australian Labradoodle is highly intelligent an easy to train. They are known for their cheerful disposition, sociability, and naturally a social dog that bonds well with their human companions. They are characterized by being friendly, loyal, eager to please, even tempered, and gentle easy-going nature. They show exceptional love and loyalty and are great … Read more

Is there a difference between male and female puppies as a pet?

Since we require our Australian Labradoodle puppies to be spayed or neutered while they are still very young, the differences are very minimal. Both male and female Australian Labradoodles make excellent pets. Since we require our female puppies to be spayed at 6 months of age, you will not experience a hormonal heat cycle. Our … Read more

When is the best time to adopt a puppy?

Another important factor to consider when adopting a puppy is the timing. Puppies in many ways remind us of toddlers. They require constant care, intentional positive training, and require much attention. You must have time to be consistent in potty training your new doodle pup. If you are in the middle of moving, adding a … Read more

When do I have to pay for my puppy?

Once your adoption application has been accepted, a non-refundable $500 deposit is required to secure your reservation on the litter of your choice. The deposit will be applied to the total cost of the puppy. Your balance of $2,500 is due when the puppies are 6 weeks old.

How much do you charge for a puppy?

The fee to adopt one of our companion pet puppies is $3,000 which includes your $500 deposit to reserve your spot on a specific litter. While the deposit is non-refundable, we want you to get a puppy you are thrilled with. If you are unable to get a puppy that meets your needs in the … Read more

What type of doodles do you breed?

While there are many different types of doodles, we only breed Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. We do this because we feel that Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles offer our families the best choice when looking for a non-shedding, allergy friendly, and easy to train dog that has a calm and loving disposition which make exceptional family dogs with … Read more