Can we visit the puppies before completing an application and/or paying our deposit?

Unfortunately, we wish this were possible, but we only allow puppy visitations for purchasing families who have completed an online application, been interviewed, and who have paid their $500 deposit. We receive many requests from people wanting to visit our homes to see our puppies before leaving a deposit. For our safety and for the best interest of the mother dog and her puppies, we can no longer allow visitations unless you have completed the online application and paid your deposit.

Our strict visitation policy only allows families with a paid deposit to visit once the puppies have reached six weeks of age. Puppies who have not yet been immunized, are very susceptible to diseases due to their immature immune systems. Every visitor has the potential to bring a virus or bacteria that could be dangerous and life threatening to the puppies. Parvovirus is an example. The virus can remain in soil for one year and is often transported on shoes and clothing. We work extremely hard to provide our families with a healthy puppy and do not want to put them at risk.

To help ease your mind, we are happy to facetime, send pictures and/or videos of the puppies, parents, and where the puppies are raised, as well as provide references from previous buyers. You are also more than welcome to email or call Pine Forest Veterinary as they see all our animals and know our high standards and ethical breeding practices. You may also find pictures and videos on our Facebook and Instagram social media sites.