Do I get to “pick” my puppy?

Yes, we allow the buyer to select their puppy but strongly recommend you do not get your heart set on a particular gender or color because often the puppy picks YOU! Countless times buyers have their hearts set on a particular color/gender and end up changing their minds because of a strong connection with a pup that was not originally planned for. Our puppy temperament assessment will also help guide YOU in selecting your puppy as we want to honor who the puppy is and what you are looking for and give you BOTH the best possible chance at success. Of course, we want you to get a puppy you are thrilled with. If you are unable to get a puppy that meets your needs in the litter you are on, we will simply move your reservation to the future litter of your choice. The order in which “picks” are made is based on the order in which we receive your deposit. We reserve breeder’s choice in every litter.