Choosing a Breeder

Finding an Australian Labradoodle breeder my seem like an overwhelming challenge, especially on the internet. But, it is critical that you find a responsible breeder who sincerely cares about the breed and the puppies, even long after they have gone to their forever homes. Choosing a reputable breeder is the first step in choosing the right pup. Here are a few guidelines to help identify a responsible breeder:


What are the breeder’s intentions? What drew them to a specific breed? What are their goals with the breed?


How well do they know the breed? A good breeder is knowledgeable about the breed and is familiar with any genetic issues and health testing. Ask for copies of the dog’s pedigree and any health tests performed.


Do they have a written contract and health warranty? A written contract is there to protect both the breeder and the buyer. It should include a minimum of a two-year health guarantee, protecting against any life-threatening genetic disease, including hip or elbow dysplasia.


Does the breeder answer all questions accurately? Are they willing to let you see where the puppies are raised? Do they let you see the parents (if they are on premise)? Do the puppies seem healthy and happy? How much does the breeder know about each of the puppies? How well-socialized are the puppies? Are they kennel raised or in the home? A reputable Australian Labradoodle breeder will not allow customers around young non-vaccinated dogs due to their risk of becoming sick.


A responsible breeder may have an adoption application and will ask questions about you and your family. A few questions you should be prepared with are: have you ever owned a dog before? Why do you want a dog? How lots time can you spend with the dog? Is your backyard fenced? You should feel that the breeder is genuinely concerned for the puppy’s well being.

Lifetime Support

What kind of support does the breeder provide? A good breeder should have an interest in how the pup is doing in it’s new home and should be a resource throughout the pups lifetime.


A breeder’s home should to be clean. A conscientious breeder should require hand-washing and shoe removal before handling the puppies. A reputable breeder will now not allow visitors around non-vaccinated dogs. You may be asked to delay your visit until puppies are vaccinated.


What type of records does the breeder keep? A responsible breeder will keep extensive records of his or her breeding dogs and puppies, such as all vet visits, vaccinations, health screenings, litter registrations, and pedigree information.


Ask for references. A responsible breeder should give you references that verify their credibility as a breeder. Ask for a professional recommendation from their veterinarian. The best manner to discover your breeder is to see impartial views on boards and social media websites like FaceBook. Find out if they belong to any accredited organizations that track the health and pedigree of their puppies.