Labradoodle Puppy Checklist

Just like bringing home a baby, you’ll want to be prepared when bringing home your newest family member. Below is a checklist for some essential items for your labradoodle puppy:

Safety & Comfort

  • Crate pad for crate
  • Wirecrate (approximate size) 30 x 22 x 24” long for minis; slightly larger for mediums 25 x 23 x 36″
  • Puppy playpen
  • Collar/harness and leash (Noble Fur sends home a starter collar/leash)
  • ID tag
  • Flea and tick treatment


  • Food (Royal Canin Puppy, can be found at Petco or Petsmart). Your puppy will come home with a 3 day supply
  • Food storage container and food scoop
  • Food and water bowls


  • Brush
  • Nail clippers
  • Ear cleaner
  • Dog Shampoo & conditioner


  • Chew Toys (Nylabone, Kong) NO Rawhides!
  • Fetch toys (tennis balls, jolly ball)
  • Plush toys with squeaker
  • Chew Treats


  • Pooper scooper
  • Waste bags (for walks and public places)
  • My Pet Peed (stain and odor remover) *Use code NOBLEFUR for 25% discount
  • Baby gate (if you desire to keep puppy contained in certain areas)

Training/Training Books

  • Find a trainer to come to your home within several weeks.
  • Training treats
  • Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell
  • The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell
  • How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves by Sophia Yin



When your labradoodle puppy comes come, you’ll want to make sure your home and surroundings are safe for your pup. Below are a few tips on puppy-proofing your home:

Get on your dog’s level- Lay on the ground and get a “puppy’s view” of your home. You will see what they might discover.

Guard your puppy against any poisonous plants and foods- I send home a list of toxic plants and foods.

Keep trash cans out of reach of your pup- Many items in the trash can be hazardous.

Look for any drowning dangers- Full buckets, bathtubs, keep bathroom seats down.

Keep all cleaning supplies and medicines out of reach.

Secure electric cords- Secure and elevate. Puppies love to bite on electrical cords, but cords can cause burns in the mouth.

Falling risks-Do not leave your pup unattended on a bed, sofa, or stairs. They can fall and injure themselves. Use a baby gate to secure stairs.