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    Finley is an absolute angel. I had a stranger tell me that he should be a therapy dog because he is so friendly and loving...he loves everyone and every dog he meets. Such a sweetheart! Abby from Charlotte, North Carolina

    Crosby & Crosby2

    Crosby is doing great! He is going potty outside and learning to sit and fetch. He's so smart. He loves his people and likes to be close. He sleeps in his be and goes all night with solid sleep. He gets to meet his older brother today who's coming home from college to meet him. We are in love!!! Pam from Charlotte, North Carolina

    Abbey Rose

    They are incredibly smart! The trainer that I'm working with was so impressed!! Told me "I got a good one"...we already knew that though!!! Anne from The Woodlands, Texas


    Hi Shirley! Ruby arrived on Thursday and she is wonderful! She is so calm and well behaved.--Jose from Miami Lakes, Florida

    Roux with wings

    Roux is so laid back! The kids put butterfly wings on him and he hasn't noticed!!--Sarah from Lufkin, Texas

    Roux with kids

    He is the best puppy we have EVER had. He is potty trained, very gentle and responsive to discipline. He LOVES my kids and the neighbors cat!! One of my favorite things is that I can trust him off leash. He lays in the front yard and watches the kids play!


    We feel like we won the puppy lottery! Roux has been wonderful, calm, playful and so sweet. He never leaves our side and gets along great with our old dog!! He never has accidents either! Thanks again for our sweet boy!