Puppy Proofing Tips

When your labradoodle puppy comes come, you’ll want to make sure your home and surroundings are safe for your pup. Below are a few tips on puppy-proofing your home:

Get on your dog’s level- Lay on the ground and get a “puppy’s view” of your home. You will see what they might discover.

Guard your puppy against any poisonous plants and foods- I send home a list of toxic plants and foods.

Keep trash cans out of reach of your pup- Many items in the trash can be hazardous.

Look for any drowning dangers- Full buckets, bathtubs, keep bathroom seats down.

Keep all cleaning supplies and medicines out of reach.

Secure electric cords- Secure and elevate. Puppies love to bite on electrical cords, but cords can cause burns in the mouth.

Falling risks-Do not leave your pup unattended on a bed, sofa, or stairs. They can fall and injure themselves. Use a baby gate to secure stairs.